About Us

Shield Compliance is a Brazilian company, with a hands-on experience and highly customization of your services.
Here you’ll talk to those who understand the business, and most importantly, we directly perform all stages of your project.
We will be pleased to give you a job offer specially designed for your company.
If you have any questions and further details, feel free to contact us, It will be a pleasure to be able to understand even more your demand, so we can work together in a solution.


Offer to our customers a complete consultancy, highly personalized and quality, with a fair price.


Commitment to Compliance and focus on adding value to your business.


Ethics in practice – Empathy in daily actions Respect for legality – Satisfaction of our customers




CFI | MBA | PDPE | OAB/SP: 314.283 | EGI

Professional with a wide experience in investigation, structuring of compliance programs, lectures and corporate training. Certified by the International Association of Forensic Interviewers. (IAI – Certified Forensic Interviewer – CFI) US.
Lecturer and postgraduate professor in topics related to compliance and corporate investigation.


  • Forensic Interviewer;
  • Lecturer;
  • Fraud treatment;
  • Computer Forensics;
  • Compliance Program Structuring;
  • Professor — Impact University;
  • Law degree at USJT – São Paulo – Brazil;
  • Author of the book Corporate Forensic Interview.


  • Law degree at USJT – São Paulo – Brazil;
  • Postgraduate in Human Rights at PUC – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil;
  • Postgraduate in Philosophy at PUC – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil;
  • MBA in Business Management at FGV – São Paulo – Brazil;
  • MBA in Leadership and Innovation at PUC – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil;


  • Brazilian Bar Association: 314.283;
  • Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) – IAI – US;
  • Professional Certification in Compliance Anti-Corruption – CPC – A;
  • Interview Techniques – (Israeli Scientific Investigative Academy);
  • Detection of suspicious behavior – DGP – Federal Police of Brazil;
  • EXIN – Privacy & Data Protection Essentials (PDPE);
  • Leaders of learning – HarvardX;
  • Paul Ekman Group – Micro expressions;
  • Paul Ekman Group – Subtle expressions;
  • EGI – Extended Gathering Interview.
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