Shield Compliance gives you all essential services for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of your compliance program, as well as expert support for your corporate investigations.

A variety of training suitable for your business, in addition to the possibility of creating yourown content:

  • Forensic Interviewing Techniques;
  • Research Structure;
  • Prevention of Moral and Sexual Harassment;
  • Business Criminology;
  • GDPR Applied to Internal Investigations;
  • GDPR Structuring of the privacy program on personal data;
  • Compliance program structure;
  • Personalized Content;

Complete support for structuring your integrity program, with the possibility of certifications:

  • Drafting and Codes and Policies Reviewing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Process Modeling and Analysis
  • Integrity Program Structuring
  • Structuring the program in privacy of personal data – GDPR
  • Structuring and Support in Ethics Committee and Council
  • Individual Compliance Program

Complete set of risk investigation and treatment mechanisms, with adherence to the GDPR:

  • Third party Due Diligence
  • Background Check
  • Computer Forensic Analysis
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Field Tests
  • Certified Forensic Interview
  • Scientific Content Analysis
  • Document and Process Analysis
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