Shield Compliance is a Brazilian consultancy focused on organizational compliance. You can count on our highly qualified and certified team to get specialized support in your training, structuring of the integrity program and non-compliance investigations.


A diversity of proper trainings to your business, in addition to possibility of creating
your own content.


Complete support to your integrity structuring program, with certifications possibility.


Complete set of investigation tools and risk handling with a GDPR adherence.


Shield Compliance is a Brazillian company, with a hands-on experience and highly customization of your services.
Here you can talk to those who understand the business, and most importantly, we directly perform all stages of your project.
We will be pleased to give you a job offer specially designed for your company.
If you have any questions and further details, feel free to contact us, It will be a pleasure to be able to understand even more your demand, so we can work together in a solution.

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