Forensic interview and prejudice

I was once at a residence of a VIP client in São Paulo – Brazil dealing with a case of theft of property. The client appointed me as a witness his pool cleaner, but as soon as the man was called the client warned me:
– Don’t expect too much from him, he barely knows how to write his own name and lives with his head on the moon.

I heard what the client positioned me and the employee came in front of me for the forensic interview to be conducted. As the interview unfolded, the pool cleaner was surprised by the theft and told me that “this was a lack of God in the heart of those who had done that”. However, right after that he asked me a question:
– Do you know what God is?

As a connoisseur of several methodologies, I returned the question to him. Then he asked me to close my eyes in order to explain, as soon as I did that he blew against my face as hard as he could. As soon as I opened my eyes he said to me:
– This is God, you don’t see it, you don’t touch it, but you feel it!

Is that you? what types of prejudice prevent you ro evolve as a compliance professional and even as a human being?

Best Regards,
André Costa de Almeida, OAB / SP: 314.283, cfi, pdpe, cpc-a, mba

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