PCI – Individual Shield Compliance Program

The Shield Individual Compliance Program (PCI) aims to identify and analyze the vision that candidates and even employees, in the process of promoting, have in the face of various corporate ethical dilemmas. This is extremely relevant, as employees often act improperly in the belief that they are doing the right thing.

I once interviewed a candidate for babysitting a VIP client in Recife, I asked her what she would do if a supplier in the house offered her a gift, like a cell phone or even a vacation. She promptly replied:
– If he just offered without asking something in exchange I would accept of course!

The employee was hired and, on her first day of work, I was there, I sat with her on the couch at the residence and asked her if she knew how burglars and even kidnappers managed to get information about the house’s routine, the new nanny told me she didn’t have any. idea, so I told her:
– They often get information by winning the trust of the employees of the house, this is possible, among a lot of strategies like offering gifts! They offer something and then take advantage of the employees gratitude to obtain information about the house, such as routine, schedules and destinations for residents.

The nanny opened her eyes wide, took a deep breath and thanked me deeply:
– Never again that I think of accepting something, if they offer I will warn the owner of the house! Thank you!

Is that you? Do you want to identify risks previously mapped in your organization? Count on us! Our PCI is the right solution for you!

Best Regards!
André Costa de Almeida, OAB/SP: 314.283, cfi, pdpe, cpc-a, mba

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